"A consummate professional with excellent writing skills, outstanding demeanor with the press and a can-do attitude."

Matthew Allard | Senior Product Manager, Autodesk

"Timing is everything". We've all heard this said many times before, but when it comes to communicating with your publics, the timing of your message can often be the deciding factor between success and failure. 

For instance, it's almost impossible not to be pressured by the timing of major trade shows, and the tendency is for most manufacturers to wait for these major industry events to make significant announcements.  But trade shows are noisy, both literally and figuratively, and when you are competing for share of voice and attention with over  1,000 other manufacturers, it's really hard to rise above the noise. 

Planning your announcements in the run up to a major industry event will ensure that attendees have been informed about your plan in advance of the event and are more likely to visit your booth if they already know what you are showing.

A well-honed sense of timing also means communicating with regularity: after all "repetition builds reputations". It also means being aware of the market's receptiveness for your story.  Having a PR team with its ears to the ground, a solid grasp of technology trends and an acute awareness of your customers' needs can ensure that when you tell your story, people will listen.