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Soundly Cloud-based Sound Effects Service and Editing Application Now Available

Press Release
For Immediate Release

Comprehensive cloud-based sound library and workflow tool puts thousands of sounds at any content creator's fingertips instantly

Oslo, Norway, December 8th, 2016Soundly, a startup audio technology company, today released Soundly, a cloud-based sound effects library and workflow tool. Soundly represents a completely new approach to sound effects access and editing. A cloud-based sound library with access to thousands of premium sound effects and a powerful workflow tool, Soundly lets video and audio editors instantly search the cloud or local sound libraries, customize sounds, and place them to picture instantly, wherever they have an Internet connection. Traditional sound effect libraries can be expensive, hard to use, and not very portable. Content creators know that good sound can make or break a video or film, and Soundly was created to give affordable access to thousands of sounds along with access to a community of specialist sound designers.

Available immediately from http://getsoundly.com for Mac or PC, Soundly is free to download and includes access to 300 sounds. The Premium SaaS version includes 6000+ premium sound effects, full sound catalog indexing, access to the Soundly store for specialized in-app purchases, and access to 100,000+ more sounds from Freesound.org to use within Soundly all for only $14.99 per month.

“Professional sound designers typically have access to libraries of sound that they work with on a daily basis. Soundly lets them index their local libraries while also giving them access to thousands of fresh and constantly evolving sound effects available in the cloud,” said Christian Schaanning, Co-founder of Soundly. “For video editors, there’s never been a more affordable way to find the right sound and get it into your project quickly no matter where you are.”

Soundly is a unique, turnkey solution for adding sound to picture, containing not only an online library of sound, but also a specialized application for editing and placing sounds. With a simple click, Soundly subscribers can instantly audition any sound and edit it on-the-fly using the waveform view before dragging and dropping the desired portion of the sound into popular editing applications like Avid Pro Tools, Apple Logic and FCP, Avid Media Composer, or Adobe Premiere Pro. With Soundly, multiple steps are avoided from traditional workflows saving valuable time for editors.

“Soundly is the fastest SFX tool I have ever used,” said Thomas Trelnes, video editor at Uhort in Oslo. “I counted my steps to get SFX from my previous tool into Premiere Pro; it was 11 steps! With Soundly, I’ve taken that down to down to 3 steps which can literally save me hours on a project.”

Utilizing a cloud-based library gives audio and video editors the flexibility to work from any location with access to a world-class sound library. There are no disks to carry or lose, so switching editing applications, rooms, or operating systems is never a problem. For content creators without a large traditional sound library, a low-cost SaaS model for a constantly evolving sound library represents a great value. For editors who already own libraries, Soundly enables the fastest search, access, and placement of those effects all within one single application.

“When I am working in Pro Tools, if I have a 5 minute atmos track in the cloud, I’ve got to import the whole thing, drop it somewhere else on the timeline, audition it, trim it down to what I need, and move it to the correct place on the timeline. With Soundly, I simply play it, select the bit I want, and drag just what I want straight into the right place on the Pro Tools timeline. Job done,” said Mike Thornton, editor at Pro Tools Expert.

“After an intensive public testing for a full year (and 5 years in development), Soundly is finally out of beta and ready to meet the world,” said Peder Jørgensen, Lead Developer and co-founder at Soundly. “Our beta testers tell us we have created the world's easiest way to get and use sound effects – a true game-changer for everyone involved in content creation.”

Core features in Soundly:

·       Instant Search to quickly find the sounds across cloud libraries + local files
·       Access sound effects in the cloud from anywhere in the world
·       Tweak & Edit pitch, speed and reverse on any sound, and hear the results in real-time
·       The Store allows additional free and premium sound effects libraries - immediately delivered
·       Import Local Files - including metadata - to easily manage your existing SFX collections
·       Drag and Drop whole sound files - or snippets - from the Soundly cloud straight into your project
·       Access the extensive Freesound.org library directly from within Soundly
·       Smart, lossless compression for lightning fast transfers
·       Index local wav, aiff, mp3 and flac files up to 192khz 32bit from mono to 5.1.
·       Reads metadata from production music libraries in mp3 format
·       Built on Google's infrastructure for unparalleled redundancy, safety and speed
·       Available for both Mac and Windows

**See the Soundly demo video from creators Christian and Peder here

Available now from http://getsoundly.com:

·       Free - 300 sound effects included
·       Premium - 14.99 per month, with 6000+ premium sound effects, full sound catalog     indexing, advanced store, includes access to Freesound to use within Soundly
·       24 Hour Pass - $9.99 – Premium access for 24 hours


About Soundly

Soundly makes the revolutionary cloud-based Soundly sound effects library and management tool. A startup based in Oslo, Norway, Soundly was founded by two professional sound designers: Christian Schaanning (a recipient of the Amanda Nordic Film Award, Academy of Canadian Film and Television Award, and nominee of the Motion Picture Editors Guild and Golden Reel awards in the US) and Peder Jørgensen (creator of several apps and audio workflow tools, and a longtime sound designer for commercials). The Soundly team brings a perfect mix of sound design experience and agile UX-focused software development together to help content creators become more efficient and more creative when adding sound to pictures. After all, sound without a picture is music, a picture without sound is a painting.

For more information on Soundly visit http://getsoundly.com

Pebble Beach Systems integrates real time 3D graphics from Pixel Power


For Immediate Release

Pebble Beach Systems integrates real time 3D graphics from Pixel Power

‘PixelPowered’ Software Plug-in offers Real Time 3D Graphics for Orca and Dolphin

Weybridge, UK and Broomfield, CO., USA, September 6th, 2016Pebble Beach Systems, a leading automation, content management and integrated channel specialist, today announced that it has partnered with Pixel Power, an innovative supplier of broadcast graphics and playout solutions, to bring real-time 3D capabilities to its Orca and Dolphin software-defined integrated and virtualized channel solutions.

The agreement brings together two specialist industry-leading companies to offer a powerful and affordable solution for new and existing customers. Available as an option for Pebble’s integrated channel solutions, the PixelPoweredTM plug-in delivers a software-only solution for high quality 3D graphics branding.

Pebble's CTO Ian Cockett shakes with Pixel Power CEO James Gilbert

Pebble's CTO Ian Cockett shakes with Pixel Power CEO James Gilbert

“For playout, many broadcasters have unique customization requirements that are best met by a best-of-breed approach,” said Tom Gittins, CEO of Pebble Beach Systems. “We recognize that broadcasters value the skills, technology and expertise of specialist vendors, and appreciate their need to integrate into legacy workflows, especially for example in the areas of graphics. This new plug-in delivers close integration in an all-software environment.”

Users familiar with Pixel Power creative tools can create graphics 'jobs' in the same way they would for Pixel Power standalone graphics engines such as Clarity and LogoVision. The PixelPoweredTM plug-in integrates with Pebble's software defined channel products, providing a source of video key and fill that can be composited with other Dolphin or Orca clips and graphics. Real-time 3D performance is achieved through GPU utilization on the host machines whether they are on premises or virtualized.

“Being able to offer a choice of best-of-breed tools from different vendors is precisely the kind of value customers realize when investing in software-based broadcast solutions.” said James Gilbert, CEO of Pixel Power.

Software-based products have a true benefit over hardware in terms of agile development and integration with other systems. As an example, the shared memory interface used by the PixelPoweredTM plug-in works like a virtual DSK (down-stream keyer) allowing the 3D engine to be restarted and upgraded without affecting video playback through the Dolphin/Orca pipeline.

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Telestream Acquires UK-based QC Specialist Vidcheck

IBC 2016
Stand number: 7.B26
9-13 September 2016
RAI, Amsterdam

Telestream Acquires UK-based QC Specialist Vidcheck

Integration of best-in-class Vidcheck file-based QC technology enhances Telestream’s product portfolio 

Nevada City, California, 5 September, 2016 – Telestream®, a leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced the acquisition of UK-based Quality Control (QC) technology specialist, Vidcheck. Established in 2009, Vidcheck is recognized as a leading developer in automated QC solutions within file-based production workflows. Its system solutions are used by broadcasters, facilities and content owners worldwide, such as ITV, BBC, CBS and many others. The privately funded acquisition is complete and the new combined company will take its bow at IBC (stand 7.B26).

In recent years, Vidcheck QC technology has enjoyed significant commercial success, especially in European markets. Vidchecker, the company’s flagship product, is the gold-standard for file-based automated QC with correction and sales have shown strong and sustainable growth for a number of years. Similarly, Telestream’s Vantage media processing platform has maintained rapid worldwide sales growth for the last six years. Telestream will build on Vidcheck’s success, providing greater reach around the globe and strong sales and market presence offering its customers even more effective and efficient solutions.

“Vidcheck’s team and product portfolio line up very well with our area of expertise,” said Dan Castles, CEO of Telestream LLC. Castles continued, “It is not just some great technology and products that we are acquiring but also a gifted, talented and passionate team that will reinforce our resources here at Telestream. We look forward to leveraging our combined know-how to offer our worldwide customer base an even more complete and exciting product portfolio.”

"Telestream is a great home for Vidcheck, technically, commercially and culturally,” commented Thomas Dove, CEO of Vidcheck Ltd. “The companies have complementary technologies which will feed into both product ranges, the most obvious being the perfect fit of Vidchecker auto QC with Vantage.  With Telestream's sales and support reach, Vidchecker will naturally be available to a much wider set of customers, particularly in North America. Being part of Telestream provides a great launch pad for the next phase of growth for Vidcheck."

Vidchecker is the file-based QC solution of choice at many major broadcasters worldwide. Feedback to news of the acquisition from this audience has been strongly positive. One example of this is UK-based commercial broadcaster, ITV. “Vidchecker is a trusted tool that we at ITV use to ensure that the content we create, and receive is of the highest image quality and meets all the required format specifications for our online platform partners and linear broadcast.  With the ever increasing number of formats and standards, we look forward to seeing continued improvements now that Vidcheck has been acquired by Telestream, whose Vantage platform is at the heart of ITV’s Content Delivery Platform," said David Hornsby Head of Content Technology at ITV.

About Vidcheck and Vidchecker:

Vidcheck provides elegant, advanced software applications to automatically check and correct video and audio in file-based digital video, focusing on the requirements of the broadcast industry, at a cost-effective price.

Vidchecker is an easy to install Windows software application for PCs/servers. It removes the labor intensive tasks of manually checking conformance by eye and hand, the need to check video/audio compliance with waveform monitors and audio loudness meters, and to manually correct levels with video processing amplifiers, and other tools. The GUI is accessed through a web browser either on the local machine or remotely over a network. It is optimized for checking file-based video before and after distribution, and for use by broadcasters for checking files received from post production and content distributors to ensure that file, video and audio parameters and levels are correct and ready for broadcast.


Trademarked company and product names are the property of their respective companies.




Facilis Demonstrates Immersive VR360 Collaborative Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Oculus Rift


IBC 2016
Booth# 7.B40
RAI, Amsterdam
9-13 September 2016 

Facilis Demonstrates Immersive VR360 Collaborative Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Oculus Rift

 4K+ real-time editorial with VR media using the Facilis Shared File System

HUDSON, MA (September 6th, 2016) – At IBC 2016, Facilis Technology (Booth 7.B40), a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, will demonstrate a state of the art virtual reality 360 3D playback system using TerraBlock shared storage.

Content creators are increasingly looking at VR as the next big challenge that threatens to grind many post production pipelines to a halt. Facilis Technology has responded with its latest SSD (Solid State Drive) technology, which it has incorporated within the Hybrid24 and SSD8 products, delivering high-resolution VR playback.

At IBC, Facilis will demonstrate VR workflows with Adobe® Premiere® Pro Creative Cloud, which supports editing stitched equirectangular VR for both monoscopic and stereoscopic content. Using the Mettle Skybox plugin, editors can also view their VR content with Oculus Rift goggles as they work. The demanding bandwidth requirements for full resolution VR require a holistic approach to the entire media pipeline, from the physical drives, to the connectivity method used for the editing clients.

Connectivity challenges
With client connectivity choices including 32Gbps Fibre Channel and 40Gbps Ethernet, Facilis remains the performance leader in shared storage networks.

“In today’s market it is imperative to consider the future when investing today. The storm of new HDR and VR deliverables is approaching, and our customers need a safe harbor,” says James McKenna VP of Marketing and Pre Sales at Facilis. “At IBC, our focus is on streamlining today’s popular post production workflows, and demonstrating safe passage through the workflows of tomorrow.”

In addition to VR challenges, Facility owners are already beginning to feel the pressure to deliver more 4K+ HFR HDR content as UHDTV specifications evolve. 32Gb Fibre Channel delivers the fastest and lowest latency access to ultra-high bandwidth media that a lot of facilities are still wondering how to manage.

“With demanding new HDR and VR workflows pushing resolutions to 4K and higher, video professionals need storage that helps them keep their productions moving,” said Sue Skidmore, head of partner relations for professional video at Adobe. “This workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Facilis is a great option for post-production teams.”

For Adobe Premiere Pro CC users, Facilis will showcase the integration of Adobe’s Collaboration Hub to share and collaborate on projects and associated metadata in real time at their booth. The company is also announcing support for user groups in the TerraBlock interface, for easier permission management. See Facilis and the Adobe VR workflows at booth 7.B40 during IBC, September 9-13 at the RAI Convention Centre in Amsterdam.


Pebble Beach Systems Rolls Out Virtualized Channel in a Box for the Public Cloud at IBC


Press Release

Pebble Beach Systems at IBC 2016
tand # 8.C71
Amsterdam, RAI Center
September 9-13 2016


Pebble Beach Systems Rolls Out Virtualized Channel in a Box for the Public Cloud at IBC

Software-defined virtualized IP channel solution, Orca, now available for both private and public cloud deployment


Weybridge, UK and Broomfield, CO., USA, August 31st, 2016 – At IBC 2016 on stand 8.C71, Pebble Beach Systems, a leading automation, content management and integrated channel specialist, will demonstrate the deployment of multiple virtualized channels in a public cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS), and in a private cloud.

Visitors to the Pebble stand will be able to see a live demonstration showing the deployment and hosting of multiple channels in the cloud, using Orca, Pebble's virtualised playout solution running under the Marina automation control system.

The ability to deploy new channels in a matter of minutes at low cost makes Pebble's public cloud solution particularly suited to pop-up, event-based channels, and to Disaster Recovery applications. 

With Orca, centralcast hubs, service providers, MCOs (Multiple Channel Operators), sports broadcasters, and corporates have the ability to create new IP channels from a series of templates at the touch of a button, and to deploy them quickly into a running system without having to restart or make configuration changes. Fully automated channels, using the same Marina infrastructure as on-premises systems, can be launched and running at the click of a button, with little additional training of staff required.

"A virtual channel in a box, running either on a private or a public cloud, delivers an affordable option to deploy or contract IP-based channels instantly without the burden of racks of complicated hardware, and weeks or months of setup and provisioning," says Ian Cockett, CTO at Pebble Beach Systems. “From a user perspective, creating a channel locally or in the cloud is the same near-instant experience.”

For Disaster Recovery applications, Orca offers a cost effective and efficient solution that can be dynamically deployed only when needed. This saves considerable costs since cloud services are typically only charged when operational.  Storage can contain backup material to be run during an emergency, while mirrored show content for the day can be quickly uploaded in minutes. With content uploaded, the DR feed is a perfect mirror of the original broadcast.

"For many broadcasters, the overheads involved in keeping a channel running in parallel for Disaster Recovery purposes are prohibitive. Deploying an on-demand back up infrastructure in the cloud that mirrors a broadcaster's on premises installation offers the same UI and operator experience at minimal cost and risk to the customer," adds Cockett.

At IBC, Pebble Beach Systems will also be previewing its new AWS Channel Launcher, an ultra-fast channel deployment tool.

### ENDS ###




Telestream Announces Wirecast Gear Live Production and Streaming System

For Immediate Release

Telestream Announces Wirecast Gear Live Production and Streaming System
Fully configured live streaming production system removes the hurdle of system integration allowing live event producers to focus on production and streaming  

Nevada City, Calif., August 30th, 2016Telestream®, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced Wirecast Gear, a portable computer workstation fully configured for live event production and streaming. The easy-to-use system allows anyone to broadcast professional live productions in a matter of minutes with a fully configured system built for live event streaming. Wirecast Gear comes installed with Wirecast Pro live streaming production software. It is ideally suited for marketers, educators, corporate and online trainers, event producers, sports broadcasters, worship service staff, news gatherers and anyone who wants to deliver professional live streamed productions out of the box. Wirecast Gear will be demonstrated at the upcoming IBC tradeshow, and will start shipping in early September with prices starting at just $4,995.

“With the explosion in popularity of live streamed video, everyone from event producers to educators to marketers are looking for ways to communicate via live video,” said Scott Murray, Vice President of Desktop Products at Telestream. “With Wirecast Gear, we made a lot of design decisions that make it ideal for the kinds of environments that people doing live production, switching and streaming need. We have built a product that makes it easy for anyone to start a professional live stream, at a price point that makes it affordable.”  

Portable, convenient design

Wirecast Gear comes with four professional video input ports with options for either HDMI or SDI, housed in a compact, powerful hardware system. At only 9.85 inches deep and taking up 1.3 rack units (RU), the versatile Wirecast Gear workstation can be inserted into a travel case or fitted with the included rubber feet and placed on a desktop. Solid state drives, as opposed to traditional spinning hard drives, makes Wirecast Gear ideal for transport, less prone to failure and guarantees maximum performance.

Robust computing power

Wirecast Gear is built on a Windows 10 Pro 64bit platform with i7 Intel processors, 16GB of memory and a 250GB system drive. The unit also includes multiple network connectors, USB-C ports, as well as digital display outputs to create an optimal production environment.  

“With Wirecast Gear, you don’t have to be a computer technician to start streaming. You can take this computer out of the box, put it on your desk, plug in some cameras, and start streaming a live event,” added Murray. “But, the other great thing about this system is that it’s a solid Windows 10 Pro 64bit computer. So you can use Wirecast Gear in your live production environment for live streaming, but then you can also use it as a workstation. It’s a streaming appliance and a workstation - which makes it a very  appealing ROI proposition.”

Powerful live production features

With Wirecast Pro pre-installed on Wirecast Gear, users can start streaming the moment it comes out of the box using the powerful production features of Wirecast including:

  • Multi-camera live switching
  • Mix live camera sources as well as video, images, computer desktops and more
  • Instant replay
  • Playlists
  • Built-in titles
  • CHROMA key support
  • Virtual sets
  • Live scoreboards and more

Wirecast’s built-in encoding engine allows users to stream high-quality H.264 video and AAC audio over RTMP, RTP and Windows Media protocols for maximum flexibility. Users can stream directly to 30-built-in destinations including Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Microsoft Azure, Akamai, DaCast, Wowza, as well as record a version for later use.

Wirecast Gear also comes installed with Switch Plus (to enable users to play, inspect and correct all their media files) and NewBlue Titler Live (to easily create or edit fully animated titles and lower thirds).

Pricing and availability

The Wirecast Gear system, which includes a keyboard and mouse, comes in 3 versions and will begin shipping in early September.

Wirecast Gear 110 ($4,995)

       Wirecast Pro

       4 HDMI ports

       250 GB storage (~5 hrs of HD video*)

       NewBlue Titler Live standard

       Great for basic live event production and streaming

Wirecast Gear 210 ($5,995)

       Wirecast Pro

       4 SDI ports

       500 GB storage (~10 hrs of HD video*)

       NewBlue Titler Live Advance w/NDI

       Perfect for sports broadcasters

 Wirecast Gear 220 ($7,995)

       Wirecast Pro

       4 SDI ports

       2 TB storage (~40+ hrs of HD video*)

       NewBlue Titler Live Ultimate

       Advanced live streaming        

*Based on h.264 1080p 29.97fps medium quality. Higher or lower quality settings will affect total video storage

Also released is Wirecast GearCare, a robust and affordable program that extends Warranty and Support for Wirecast Gear to three years. Wirecast GearCare includes full Wirecast/Switch Premium support for direct access to Telestream technicians, Next Day Air advance replacement should the system fail, and access to the latest versions of the software.

Wirecast Gear can be purchased through Telestream's network of qualified resellers, or online through the Telestream store http://www.telestream.net/wirecast/wirecast-gear.htm.

 About Wirecast
Wirecast is the only cross-platform, all-in-one live streaming production software that enables capture, live production, and encoding of live streams for broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously. Wirecast is ideal for streaming or recording live internet shows, broadcasting breaking news and sports, streaming live concerts and games, transmitting church services, corporate meetings, lectures and more. Pro production features include live scoreboards, 3D virtual sets, chroma key support, advanced audio controls and more.

More information is available at www.telestream.net.


Trademarked company and product names are the property of their respective companies.

About Telestream

Telestream provides world-class live and on-demand digital video tools and workflow solutions that allow consumers and businesses to transform video on the desktop and across the enterprise. Many of the world’s most demanding media and entertainment companies as well as a growing number of users in a broad range of business environments, rely on Telestream products to streamline operations, reach broader audiences and generate more revenue from their media. Telestream products span the entire digital media lifecycle, including video capture and ingest; live and on-demand encoding and transcoding; captioning; playback and inspection, delivery, and live streaming; as well as automation and orchestration of the entire workflow. Telestream corporate headquarters are located in Nevada City, California. The company is privately held. For more information, visit www.telestream.net.

For more information, please contact:

 North America                                                 EMEA & APAC
Véronique Froment or Doug Hansel                 Bob Charlton or Katie Charlton
veronique@highrezpr.com                              bob@scribe-pr.com
doug@highrezpr.com                                      Katie@ scribe-pr.com
+1 603-537-9248                                             +44 20 7084 6335

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Astucemedia Unveils Latest Features of its Data Platform Enabling Live, Data-Driven Graphics for Broadcast News & Sports

At NAB 2016 on the Vizrt booth (#SL2417) Astucemedia, a leading provider of creative and technical services and data will unveil the latest features and capabilities of its Astucemedia Data Platform (ADP)—a powerful, full-featured solution that simplifies the often complex process of creating and managing visually pleasing live broadcast graphics infused with real-time data feeds and media assets.

Astucemedia will demonstrate its new integration with the Reuters Media Express and Getty Images data services, as well as integration with the Associated Press (AP) for U.S. elections data, and with Vizrt’s Viz One for media asset management (MAM). Astucemedia is also demonstrating the latest features of its financial market data and sport modules.

The ADP is a modular, software-based environment, that offers a wide range of purpose-built modules to capture real-time data feeds and parse the dynamic information into a myriad of graphics templates for live, real-time broadcast and display.

The ADP modules include:

·       Finance (timely financial market data from Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg services)

·       U.S. Election (National, regional and local U.S. election results, and voter and polling data from the AP)

·       Sports (Individual modules designed for the coverage and analysis of many major sports)

·       Weather data (temperature, forecasts, and observations of weather conditions, based on data from StormGeo)

·       News & Social Media (Multiple data streams and media-rich content from a variety of service providers)

The news about the news module

From within the News & Social Media module, ADP users may search and curate video, images and text, timely content and feeds available from various data services—all from a single user interface. This content can be automatically ingested to the ADP as well as newly-integrated Viz One, making it instantly available to the graphic systems.

At NAB, Astucemedia will also show new integration between its News & Social Media ADP module and the following: 

·       Reuters Media Express, which provides images, video and text

·       Getty Images, which provides images and video clips

·       Vizrt’s Viz One media asset management, based on the automatic ingest of dynamic assets from the ADP

The News & Social Media module also supports Thomson Reuters, Blomberg, AP and many other RSS feed providers for straightforward news feeds as well as content from many social media platforms including:

·       Facebook

·       Twitter

·       Instagram

·       Vine

All ADP modules come with native Vizrt plugins—developed by Astucemedia—that seamlessly interface with Vizrt systems, and facilitate the process of creating the graphics and using the data links.

These plug-ins enable the Astucemedia platform to form a seamless, unified workflow that is fully compatible with the Vizrt graphics/playout chain, newsroom computer systems and components like ActiveX. Data platform content is fully searchable and accessible from within these environments.

Real-time, data-driven graphics made easy

Customers can begin creating their own sophisticated, custom live graphics on day one, without need to write their own scripts or software. All of the inherent complexity has been taken care of by the ADP’s smart design, plugins and underlying technology—including the data ingest, external-APIs, intelligent template logic, plugins, live web data monitoring, and data publishing to various platforms.

“Real-time data—such as financial market, motorsports, soccer, and U.S. elections feeds—are particularly challenging to integrate within live graphics because the information is often quite complex, voluminous and in constant flux,” said Alexandre Leclerc, President of Astucemedia. 

“Broadcasters need a system that they can rely on to take this data and populate it automatically within graphical displays, virtually instantaneously, and with unwavering accuracy,” he added. “In the race to be the first to air with breaking news, it would be impractical, if not impossible, to generate a high volume of data-rich graphics without a purpose-built automation system like our data management platform.” 

Interactive broadcast and sports graphics

Astucemedia will present a pre-built portfolio of U.S. elections graphics that are integrated using the ADP. The U.S Election ADP and the graphics portfolio will also be displayed by Vizrt as part of its Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality presentation at the booth.

On-camera presenters can access interactive graphics for sports, social and financial data by using an on-set touchscreen display to call up graphics containing information they want to illustrate in their reports.

At the show, Astucemedia will also demonstrate ADP for Sports, which gives broadcasters a reliable, open, software-based workflow that simplifies live TV graphics creation integrated with real-time data feeds from STATS, OPTA, and other sports data service providers. There is an ADP module addressing the unique needs of each of the following sports:

·       Soccer

·       Football

·       Basketball

·       Hockey

·       Tennis

·       Golf

·       Motorsports

At NAB, Astucemedia will also highlight its platform’s seamless data integration with another Vizrt system, Viz Libero, a 3D virtual sports solution used to generate live 3D replays, novel game perspectives and sports analysis.

“With our custom Vizrt plug-ins, our data platform now captures valuable in-game data—such as scores, goals, player statistics, leaderboards, team standings, heatmaps, formations and more—and integrates it within graphics templates and live graphics as well as natively in Viz Libero,” said Leclerc. “Users are completely free to use, modify, repurpose and monetize these graphics anytime, any way they wish, because they own the rights to the assets.”

Astucemedia’s data platform is the culmination of its more than a decade of experience providing world-class creative and technical expertise and data management software. The company also provides a full range of creative design services performed by a talented team dedicated to creating fresh, trendy, custom broadcast graphics, templates, and channel branding that bring visual concepts to fruition on-screen.  

Wirecast Now Enables Professional Quality Live Video Streaming to Facebook

Users can switch between multiple cameras and add effects, green screen, lower thirds graphics and other production effects to their Facebook Live streams


Telestream®, the leading provider of digital media tools and workflow solutions, today announced that the latest version of its popular live streaming software Wirecast now features Facebook Live as a streaming destination, allowing users to create and stream high-quality broadcasts from their computers to their Facebook timelines with just a few clicks.

Facebook recently announced the ability for all users to stream live video to their feeds through the Facebook app for iOS and Android devices. With Wirecast, users can now elevate the production value of their live videos by using multiple cameras, graphics, effects, transitions and other professional capabilities. With direct integration between Wirecast and Facebook Live, Wirecast users can publish live streams directly to the Facebook Live platform from within the Wirecast interface.

With so many businesses maintaining a Facebook presence, streaming live content presents a perfect opportunity to attract additional followers while increasing overall traffic. Creating dynamic, eye-catching content with titles, graphics, and transitions keeps otherwise fickle viewers engaged and tuned in.

“Facebook Live allows people and businesses to connect with friends, fans and followers in exciting and much more interactive ways," comments Barb DeHart, Vice President of Desktop Business & Corporate Marketing at Telestream. “With Wirecast live streaming production software, Facebook users can create unique and professional live streams with professional production capabilities, such as multi-camera live switching, lower thirds and titles, green screen, instant replay, scoreboards, and much more," added DeHart.

Wirecast is ideal for broadcasting professional live web shows, news, online gaming, sporting events, concerts, church services, corporate meetings, lectures and much more. With Wirecast, users can switch between multiple live cameras while dynamically mixing in other media such as movies, images and sounds, and adding production features such as transitions, built-in titles, chroma key support, virtual sets and live scoreboards.

Because Facebook Live is now an integrated broadcast destination for Wirecast, once they have started streaming, users will be able to see the number of live viewers, the names of followers who are watching, and a real-time stream of comments, throughout the live broadcast. Once the broadcast is complete, the video will stay on their timeline like any other post.

Wirecast 6.0.7 featuring Facebook Live as a destination is available now as a free update from Wirecast 6 or for purchase from www.telestream.net. Prices start at $495. Wirecast will also be shown at NAB 2016 on booth SL4525 April 18-21.



ABS-CBN’s iPost Deploys Large Facilis Technology SSD Hybrid Shared Storage System

Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks today announced a large-scale order for its TerraBlock shared storage system. Philippines-based ABS-CBN Corporation iPost (Integrated Post Production) has purchased four TerraBlock Hybrid24 systems, which have already been delivered and installed at the customer’s Quezon City-based post production facility.

The order was secured by Facilis working in partnership with local authorized reseller, Singapore and Philippines-based Media Village.

iPost operates under the Technical Operations Division of the Philippines’ national commercial broadcast television and radio network, ABS-CBN. It provides audio and video post production and visual effects services with an extensive range of content from drama series to soaps, talk shows and game shows. ABS-CBN operates two national TV channels, two regional radio networks, 11 cable channels and six international channels.

Prior to this install, iPost had four editing workgroups where each workgroup comprises 20-25 editing bays. To significantly increase the broadcasters’ editing capacity, it has added two more workgroups where up to 30 Avid Media Composer systems will work in a shared collaborative workflow. Facilis TerraBlock provides the shared storage facilities which bind this large-scale open workflow together.

The TerraBlock shared storage system is integrated alongside iPost's content ingest facility to capture video feeds from other channels within the network and also from external sources. Eventually, the TerraBlock systems will be part of a larger central ingest system aimed to manage materials fro acquisition to post production and delivery to in-house clients.

Specified by Media Village’s expert team of workflow designers, the TerraBlock system utilizes a combination of SSD and spinning hard drives to provide optimum levels of operational efficiency, resilience and cost efficiency. The system provides 10GigE and 16Gbps fiber channel client connectivity.

"We evaluated several other shared storage systems prior to making our decisions and the Facilis TerraBlock out-performed all of its rivals," commented Jessie Yamzon, the Head of Post Production at iPost. "Price and performance combined with its ease of maintenance were major factors that also led to the decision."

For Facilis, this contract marks a turning point in company’s 13 year history. “Our ability to extend our technology to meet such high bandwidth and capacity requirements is a testament to the evolution of company and product line,” commented James McKenna, VP of Marketing and Pre Sales at Facilis Technology. “Working with Media Village, our ability to meet the needs of a national broadcaster in the APAC region speaks volumes about our customer focus and product quality.”

Pebble Beach Systems Announces Marina Migration Pack for Seamless Transition from Legacy Broadcast Automation Systems

Supports additional descriptive and timing metadata, plus dynamic database links between new and legacy databases

At NAB 2016, on booth N5323, Pebble Beach Systems, a leading automation, content management and integrated channel specialist, today announced the immediate availability of the Marina Migration Pack, a plugin framework that ensures a seamless transition from legacy broadcast automation systems to the powerful Marina automation system.

As legacy automation systems reach end-of-life, broadcasters and multi-channel originators want to take advantage of the flexibility and power of centralized, software-based automation systems. However, many are concerned about migrating years of accumulated data from their legacy system database to a new automation system. For any organization, having a hard cutover to an entirely new system comes with considerable risk. Are all staff adequately trained? Is it really necessary to change every component at once?

Legacy broadcast automation databases often contain descriptive and timing metadata for hundreds of thousands of clips. Much of the descriptive data input by operators is considered critical to the successful use of the asset. Just as important, is metadata that describes the timing information. When an asset is ingested, an operator must determine the true start time, skipping any garbage frames, and true end time for clean playback. Segment timings for breaks are equally important. Both the descriptive and timing metadata are stored in the legacy database, but if the data is lost during translation to the new automation system, control operators can’t guarantee a clean broadcast output. Obviously, having personnel re-analyze and re-mark all clips in the new database is unsustainable.

“The ease in which we migrated all the data from our legacy ADC system to Pebble’s Marina shortened the time span between installing the automation system and being on the air with it,” said Gordon Bell, SVP Engineering, Operations and IT at KCET. “Without the Pebble migration tools and assistance of their highly responsive team, we would not have made our aggressive switch-over date.”

With the Marina Migration Pack, not only is all metadata crucial to the description and playback of assets transferred, but an active database bridge is also created between both systems to keep the systems in sync and enable them to run in parallel.

“Our approach to migration is unique: having an engineer show up and run a one-time database conversion process is not a solution for most customers,” says Eric Openshaw, General Manager of Pebble North America. “We realize that hard cutovers are unrealistic and overly burdensome, so the method we provide keeps the legacy database and Marina database constantly synchronized, running in parallel, ensuring operations can make a well orchestrated transition on their own terms, in their own time.”

Part of a framework developed by Pebble Beach Systems, the Marina Migration Pack includes playlist readers and AsRun writers for various formats including the BXF standard. For legacy Sundance systems, the Migration Pack includes the ability to import media/macro associations. The Migration Pack plugins maintain a live link between databases and associated metadata, so that any additional information ingested with the legacy system is automatically and immediately transferred to the new Marina system. Metadata changes in pre-existing media on legacy systems are also transferred. In this way, both automation systems can stay actively in sync enabling a methodical and gradual transition on a schedule that suits the operation, not the technology. If required, such a link can create a permanent hybrid enabling both systems to co-exist indefinitely.

Operator change management is another key consideration during system migration. Pebble Beach Systems has extensive experience migrating users from ADC, Omnibus, and Sundance automation systems. The Marina UI layout can be configured to closely mimic a legacy system UI to aid in initial training and uninterrupted operation. With time, additional data and augmented feature sets can be revealed to operators by the system’s administrators. User log-on determines the UI presentation for each operator interfacing with Marina from master control operators, ingest and prep operators, engineering staff, to specialized layout UIs for live events.

Support for BXF enables organizations to standardize their data exchange with traffic systems while direct API integration with third party MAM systems enables retention of existing workflows.




Telestream Announces Lightspeed Live Stream and Lightspeed Live Capture

New enterprise-class live streaming and capture products satisfy demand to deliver streaming and OTT content concurrent with live broadcasts


Telestream® today announced Lightspeed Live Stream, and Lightspeed Live Capture, two new applications that deliver real-time, enterprise-class streaming and capture for media and entertainment companies, corporations, government and education. Lightspeed Live Stream solves the problem of preparing real time content for adaptive bitrate live streaming while Lightspeed Live Capture can independently record multiple channels of SD, HD or a single channel of UHD. Both Lightspeed Live Stream and Lightspeed Live Capture will be unveiled to the public at NAB on booth SL4525. 

Telestream developed Lightspeed Live Stream in response to increased demand among news, sports, and special event broadcasters to simultaneously push live programs OTT. Lightspeed Live Stream encodes a live program at highest quality and simultaneously streams the output via an origin server or CDN.

The Lightspeed Live Capture application can also be installed on the same server to simultaneously capture the source video into Vantage for further processing. Until now, file-based and siloed systems demanded a more serial workflow.  By closely integrating the latest parallel file-based open workflows in Telestream’s Vantage platform together with the combined CPU/GPU power of the Lightspeed Live server and applications, the fastest possible delivery of all assets is realized.

“As viewing habits evolve, our customers have a clear desire to integrate their file-based and live workflows more closely,” says Shawn Carnahan, CTO at Telestream. “This demands running all media pipeline processes, including live capture, live streaming, and multi-platform file processing as close to parallel as possible so that content is available concurrently across all distribution mechanisms regardless of the device/platform used.”

Although both applications can operate stand-alone on Telestream’s Lightspeed Live server, the greatest benefits are realized when coupled to Telestream’s Vantage platform for complete workflow orchestration. Users can concurrently stream, capture and process live content for consumption on a wide variety of platforms.

Lightspeed Live Stream can receive content via 3G baseband (SDI) as well as IP sources via 10Gb Ethernet. Output can be delivered via RTMP or as HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and MPEG DASH packages at SD, HD, and UHD (in AVC and HEVC) resolutions. In parallel to generating the main streaming outputs, the system simultaneously creates a real-time, streaming proxy for each channel.

Lightspeed Live Capture, in addition to operating as a standalone capture system, can extend live encoding capability by providing live capture in a number of high quality mezzanine formats into the Vantage Media Processing Platform. Through this combination, users can simultaneously make use of both the real time streaming capability and the full range of video manipulation that Vantage offers.

“We’ve always been a software company.  This has given us tremendous leverage to develop and advance the state of the art with respect to encoding and workflow automation,” says Carnahan. “These new live applications together with Vantage Open Workflows enable our customers to do more parallel processing and delivery than ever before.”

Both Lightspeed Live Stream and Lightspeed Live Capture are scheduled to ship in the middle of 2016.



Highrez Introduces Technobabble Filter to Remove Delusions of Eloquence

Dflekt 2000

Highrez Introduces Technobabble Filter to Remove Delusions of Eloquence

Londonderry, NH -- April 1st 2016. Technology marketing communications company, Highrez, today announced a new technobabble filter. Designed to help marketeers and engineers be more easily understood by customers, journalists, as well as family and friends, the new BS-Dflekt is a simple device that can be worn over the mouth, or as a simple earpiece.

The result of many years of development by a global team of laymen and grandmothers, the BS-Dflekt will be put through its paces during upcoming broadcast technology tradeshow NAB.

"I recently tried a beta version of the Dflekt earpiece during a WebEx and I was amazed," commented a broadcast technology journalist wishing to remain anonymous. “During the hour-long presentation, nothing of substance was ever discussed."

"I wore the D-flekt mouth guard at a social event last night and it worked like magic. I was a true social butterfly!" said Matt Dumphy, senior software developer at Best-of-Breed Solutions Inc.

"I finally understand what my son does for a living," said Gladys Wacked, mother of a senior marketing professional.

Soon to be available as a plug-in for a variety of applications including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and WordPress, the BS-Dflekt is expected to immediately eradicate the use of expressions such as "best-of-breed end-to-end solutions", "seamless workflow integration" and "synergistic ecosystem evolution".

Highrez is expecting some resistance to the widespread adoption of the BS-Dflekt. "Over the last couple of decades, middle managers have been relying increasingly on the use of jargon to impress their peers, advance their careers, and generally justify their existence. Whether they are inventing their own jargon, using obscure acronyms or relying on unintelligible techno speak, the BS-Dflekt is here to help them communicate like human beings again," commented Highrez spokesperson.


For further information, please contact:

Veronique Froment or Doug Hansel
tel: + 1 603-537-9248


Facilis Ships FastTracker - Integrated Asset Tracking, Search, & Media Access for Facilis Shared Storage Systems

The simplest and fastest way to track all video, audio and still image formats on Facilis TerraBlock Solutions

At NAB 2016, Facilis (booth SL8811), Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks, will announce the immediate availability of FastTracker, a new, integrated application for cataloging, searching and viewing any media within TerraBlock Shared Storage Systems. FastTracker offers the quickest way to find media, view it, and bring it directly into an editing application.

“This is just the right amount of media management for our workflow, because we didn't want to take away time from creating content to manage all of our data. We needed fast, intuitive search with the ability to instantly view what we’ve found, and immediately access that on our editing systems,” said Ira Klusendorf, video production manager at Steinhafels Inc., and beta user of FastTracker. “FastTracker has made us more productive. There’s no training required, it just does what you expect. I was surprised how easy it was to find a clip, and drop it into my project with no additional steps.”

With the ability to drag and drop media directly into the timeline or bin of popular editing applications like Avid’s Media Composer and Pro Tools, Apple FCPX and Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC, FastTracker excels at instant media access as well as tagging and searching custom catalogs which can be permissioned by user account. The FastTracker application is cross-platform, and clips can be indexed and cataloged from both Mac and PC workstations. Once clips are located, they can instantly be previewed by either a simple thumbnail scroll or played at full resolution in the integrated viewer.

Comprehensive playback support for production codecs and formats such as MOV, MP4, AVC, AVI, and MXF, along with DPX, EXR, PNG, TARGA still image and image sequences removes the guesswork when importing media files.

“It’s been said that up to 30% of edit suite time is spent searching for things. Our goal was to find the perfect balance between simple cataloging, search and access of media while specifically not interfering with existing workflows,” said James McKenna, VP of Marketing at Facilis. “FastTracker was designed to be always open – to work alongside the creative applications, not replace them.”

Because FastTracker is hosted on the TerraBlock server, there is no need to have an external client workstation in the shared environment for the purpose of media management. Periodic remote indexing can be assigned to the server itself, avoiding any loss of productivity on the client workstation. This removes the maintenance burden for other MAM systems where there is a requirement to keep the MAM and storage in sync as projects evolve.

“For no initial investment, FastTracker gives our users the kind of efficiency that is essential when working under deadlines. If you are making money with your MAM, then you can afford to spend money on your MAM. However, for those simply seeking to work faster, and manage terabytes of files more efficiently, FastTracker is the perfect tool,” added McKenna.

For customers currently on an eligible software support contract, the initial 5 seats of FastTracker will be available at no cost.

Pebble Beach Systems Rolls Out Orca Virtualized Channel-in-a-Box at NAB

Minimum Capex; Short Setup and Teardown Time for New Channels; More efficient Deployment of IT and Human Resources


At NAB 2016, on booth N5323, Pebble Beach Systems, a leading automation, content management and integrated channel specialist, will announce the worldwide launch of Orca, its new software-defined virtualized IP channel solution.

Ideally suited to meet the needs of centralcast hubs, service providers, MCOs (Multiple Channel Operators), sports broadcasters, and corporates such as publishing companies seeking new ways to inform their audiences, Orca delivers a flexible option to deploy or contract IP-based channels almost instantly without the burden of racks of complicated hardware, and weeks or months of setup and provisioning.

As a completely virtual channel-in-a-box —without the box— Pebble Beach Systems’ Orca represents cutting-edge broadcasting of the future. Orca channels run in a virtual machine (VM) in a private cloud with IP inputs and outputs. Orca delivers all the functionalities that could previously only be handled by discrete hardware video servers, graphics and captioning systems, within a pure software environment. Completely unmanned operation is now possible for channels with remote administration available through secure, but standard browser interfaces.

"While systems offering integrated software components running on off-the-shelf IT hardware have been gaining in popularity, pushing the infrastructure to the cloud is truly the next step, as broadcast businesses seek to evolve IP-based services alongside more traditional channel delivery methods. The flexibility to provision and tear down channels dynamically in an instant is a revolutionary concept for companies used to the “old way” of doing things. However, with today’s budgets and schedules, Orca has arrived at exactly the right time for organizations seeking a pure IP video solution," explains Ian Cockett, Technical Director of Pebble Beach Systems.

Orca offers a software-only virtual implementation of the company’s Dolphin platform. As with Dolphin, Orca software-defined channels can be configured to meet the exact requirements of each service. Because both Dolphin and Orca share the same underlying architecture and control, it is easy to mirror channel templates for simultaneous playout to traditional SDI as well as IP video distribution.  

A real game changer is Orca’s ability to create new IP channels from a series of templates at the touch of a button, and to deploy them quickly into a running system without having to restart or make configuration changes. Channels can be launched and integrated into a running Marina automation system literally at the click of a button. The solution can also deploy grid-based GPU power for encoding and graphics, freeing up CPU power to enable Orca to increase channel counts more cost-effectively for the end user.

Visitors to the Pebble Beach Systems' booth at NAB will be able to see live demonstrations of Pebble Beach Systems' flagship Marina automation solution controlling a full range of virtualized channel types hosted on the new Orca virtualized IP channel solution.

Gameshow 2.0 Now Available

New Release Makes the Production of Game Streams Easier, Allowing Gamers to Focus on their Gaming Content

Telestream®, a leading provider of live streaming applications and video tools, today announced version 2.0 of Gameshow, a software application designed to help gamecasters create professional quality streams with beautiful graphic templates, dynamic editing, live switching, green screen technology, and built-in interactive widgets. The latest version of Gameshow introduces new production controls that allow gamecasters to focus on gaming rather than worry about the logistics of broadcasting and production. Gameshow v.2.0 is available immediately from www.gameshow.net where users can also download a free 14-day trial version of the software.

Gameshow v2.0 makes it easier and faster than ever before for game broadcasters to create professional shows that convey a consistent personality and brand. With a few clicks, users can pick and customize game templates, insert graphics, add widgets and even put themselves “inside the game” using the green screen function, before starting streaming to Twitch or YouTube.  Many of the new 2.0 features are a direct result of feedback received from the new Gameshow Insiders Program, launched earlier in the year. The Gameshow Insiders Program was created for streamers to gain insight and provide input into the direction of Gameshow, forming a community of influential streamers that can shape the future of game streaming.

"Having the ability to schedule my live streams ahead of time is critical. It informs my audience of the exact time I plan to go live and lets them build hype in the chat as they count down to showtime! GameShow allows me to stream to any scheduled event that I have with a click of a button," said Gameshow 2.0 beta user Clintus McGintus from Clintus.tv.

New features in version 2.0 include:

·       Global hotkeys allows users to control their broadcast while in a game on the same machine. Gamers can switch scenes in Gameshow, without leaving their game.

·       YouTube event management allows users to manage YouTube events from directly within the Gameshow interface.

·       Toggling layer visibility allows users to turn on and off visual and audio sources on any shot.

·       New usability improvements such as color correction and audio handling improvements allow for a higher level of customization for individual sources.

·       RSS feeds allow the addition of news tickers that are dynamically updated for the latest event.

·       Performance of web cams on Mac has been improved to consume less CPU resources. 

Pricing and Availability

Gameshow is available immediately from www.gameshow.net as a free update for existing customers.  New users can download a free 14-day fully featured trial version. After the 14-day trial period, pricing is as follows:

 1 Month subscription - $8.99

3 Month subscription - $23.99

12 Month subscription - $90.99

Gameshow 2.0 Webinar

For those interested in seeing the new features in action, Telestream will be hosting a webinar on Tuesday, March 15th 2016 at 12 PM PDT | 3 PM EDT | 7 PM GMT. Click here to register.

Award-winning Hettema Group Brings Creation of Experiential Entertainment In-House With Facilis

Facilis Technology shared storage enables in-house media department to collaborate efficiently and share large volumes of content

Facilis, a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance shared storage solutions for collaborative media production networks today announced that The Hettema Group (THG) is using the Facilis TerraBlock shared storage system to enable their in-house media department to collaborate efficiently and share large volumes of content.

A full-service design firm, The Hettema Group specializes in experiential entertainment projects such as theme parks, large-scale parades, live events, museums, destination resorts, and other state-of-the-art media-based attractions. Providing initial ‘blue sky’ concept designs through delivery of the entire experience, The Hettema Group offers detailed design and media production, on-site art direction and installation supervision. 

When THG decided to bring all content creation in-house, Eric Hungerford, THG’s director of media production was tasked with finding a suitable storage solution. “We used to outsource content creation pieces, but it made sense for us both creatively and economically as we grew to bring that capability in-house, and Facilis has enabled us to do that much more efficiently,” says Hungerford. 

Having worked with Facilis systems throughout his career, he knew that a Facilis TerraBlock shared storage system would enable the in-house media department to collaborate as efficiently as possible in sharing large volumes of content. THG purchased a Facilis TerraBlock 24D from Key Code Media’s Burbank office in November 2015 as part of their strategy to streamline creativity and save money.

“Much of what we do revolves around creating cultural experiences that emotionally connect and resonate with guests. For the creative team, this typically means gathering both large volumes of pre-existing material, and incorporating new footage with it,” says Hungerford. “The Facilis storage system allows us to have a central focal point of content that can be shared, so we can easily access terabytes of material at any resolution when we need it.”

For THG, flexibility, ease of use, and cost were key requirements. It was important that the creative pursuits of the staff not get bogged down with any technical limitations or restrictions, since much of the work involves blue-sky thinking and the ability to instantly try ideas on the fly.

“There’s a discovery process when doing the kind of work we do. Allowing our editorial staff to be as ‘fleet of foot’ as possible is a benefit for the project and for the company,” says Hungerford. “Our team has to be free to creatively explore different avenues, frequently with clients in the room, without worrying about the pipeline bogging down."

In addition to Facilis’ competitive price point, one key benefit that the team highlights is that everyone on the editing team knows how to use the Facilis system. When freelance editors are hired during peaks in production, the post production supervisor can quickly explain how to create volumes and projects.

“If we bring in a pinch-hitter editor for a couple of weeks, it’s easy to explain how everything works, as the ramp-up time is not very steep,” says Hungerford. “It’s intuitive enough that whether it’s an assistant editor that needs to log footage, or a seasoned editor coming in to do a final online, anybody can make sense of things. It’s pretty bullet proof.”

“Our Facilis system makes the creatives happy, it makes the finance people happy, it’s just a great solution for us,” concludes Hungerford.

Imagine Dragons Uses Telestream Wirecast to Stream Live to Twitch Channel, Entertaining Fans with Music and Gameplay

Imagine Dragons uses Wirecast to more personally connect with fan base

Telestream, the leading provider of digital video tools and workflow solutions today announced that GRAMMY® Award-winning rock band Imagine Dragons is using the Telestream Wirecast software to give fans a glimpse at life on the road by streaming their League of Legends matches, interviews, and live impromptu performances on their newly launched Twitch channel.

"The band is always looking for ways to connect to fans on a personal level, and their new Twitch channel is the next step in that endeavor. By live streaming from their Smoke + Mirrors Tour, they’re able to take fans with them behind the scenes in locations around the world," explains Mac Reynolds, the band's manager.

Turner Pope, Imagine Dragons’ project manager is responsible for the initiative.  “The Telestream guys have been really supportive,” says Pope. “With Wirecast, we can stream live from anywhere with a decent Internet connection using our mobile setup of Blackmagic cameras and switcher, and Razer computers."

With Wirecast, users can easily stream to popular streaming video platforms and CDNs such as Ustream, Twitch, YouTube, Azure, and Akamai. For Imagine Dragons, Turner and the team chose Twitch as the best option for the band and the fans, because of the channel's popularity and strong support for gaming communities. Wirecast allows the band to connect their cameras, microphones, and even their Blackmagic Design’s ATEM switcher to stream directly to their Twitch channel at the click of a button.

Imagine Dragons plans to live stream at various stop during their current tour. Viewers can see their live stream, and watch past videos at http://www.twitch.tv/imaginedragons/